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Fashion + Footwear for the Fourth of July


The largest summer holiday is coming up — the Fourth of July! Soon you’ll have to figure out your party plans, and then, more importantly, figure out what to wear! Celebrate America’s Independence in style this year with help from Traffic Shoe’s Fourth of July Fashion Guide (plus 40%OFF sitewide!).

The Outfit

The first step to planning your perfect July 4th is to pick out the outfit that you are going to wear. In theme with this holiday, try to incorporate red, white, and blue into your Fourth of July outfit to show your American pride! Check out the newest Independence day outfit trend… the old fashioned, screen-printed T-shirt.


Fourth of July T-shirtFourth of July T-shirt

For more America-themed T-shirts, visit Merica Made to see their entire tank, tee and long sleeve collections!

The Accessories

Accessories are what can make or break your holiday outfit. Whether you decide to accent your look with a hat or a hair clip, you’ll definitely need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the summer sun. Lucky for you, Traffic Shoe sunnies start at only $10, and we have the three perfect colors for Independence Day! Fierce red cat eyes, retro silver circular shades, and cool blue reflective lenses are all perfect looks for the Fourth of July.


3088-RED-101 3081-GRAY-101


The Shoes

The last step to completing your holiday outfit is the shoes you wear! Whether you will be spending the Fourth of July on a boat or in a backyard, stylish footwear is always necessary. Below are some of our top picks for this Independence Day’s footwear fashion. First up we have the “Hamil” white thong sandals with metallic gold details, perfect for a day at the park or a family barbecue. Have something fancier in mind? Next on our recommended list are the “Sydney-41” single sole red pumps, guaranteed to make your friends stop and stare! In case your Fourth of July plans involve a little boating action, the “Strip” nautical boat shoes will put the perfect amount of pep in your step. Last but not least, we have the “Colado” flip flop sandals for simple yet stylish Independence Day fun.


Fourth of July Footwear STRIP-WHITE-NAVY-2_1024x1024 COLADO-OFF-WHITE-2_1024x1024

Visit Traffic Shoe to view even more shoe selections!

Putting It All Together!

Even if you don’t have a budget to get newest, most festive clothes and accessories for the Fourth of July, do not fear! You can still dress the theme with combinations of clothes already in your closet. As shown below, Elle Magazine has categorized different looks based on type of event that you can put together from items you already own to still show your Independence Day flair without breaking the bank.


4thofjuly_0000_chilling 4thofjuly_0001_evening-cocktail 4thofjuly_0003










Visit to view more Fourth of July outfit inspo, and of course, tell your friends about the best sale of the season – 40%OFF sitewide – at Traffic Shoe!


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