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It can be challenging to keep up with the trends without going broke. It seems like every week a new style is popular, every season a new color is “in” while the old color is “out.” It can get both confusing and expensive to follow the latest looks, but luckily Traffic Shoe can help you keep up-to-date with fashionable footwear on a budget. Traffic Shoe carries a ton of the hottest shoe styles for much less than their designer counterparts, including these five convincing lookalikes:

  1. Timberland Work Boots

    timb-compWith winter weather quickly approaching, booties and boots have been seriously trendy lately. I’ve always loved wearing, and seeing other girls wearing big, heavy-duty boots. They’re practical, especially in snow, and I think they look totally badass. I love my combat boots, but sometimes it’s fun to pair Timberland work boots with leggings and a chambray or white top. I got around paying full price for my Timbs by squeezing into kids’ sizes… But not everyone has tiny feet. The Broadway-6 Camel Two Tone Lug Sole Faux Fur Boots look just like like the Women’s Timberland Authentics Waterproof Fold-Down Boots, but for a quarter of the price, AND they’re fleece-lined for when it gets a little chillier outside.

  2. Minnetonka Moccasins

    Fringe was a hit on the runways of Ralph Lauren and Marchesa this season, and moccasins have been stylish, comfy staples for decades. Minnetonka Moccasins arguably are the most famous brand of fringed footwear, but while those shoes cost anywhere between $40-$100, Traffic Shoe’s collection of fringed boots and sandals range from $10-$30. Take the extremely popular 3-Layer Fringe Boot for Women – at Minnetonka the boot costs $97.95, while the Candice-48 Tan Fringe Layered Flat Moccasin Boots compares at less than half the price. And while some of the Minnetonka brand shoes have soft leather bottoms (not very useful in Miami rains), ALL of Traffic Shoe’s varieties are made with durable, plastic soles to keep your feet warm and dry even in the next hurricane.

  3. Yeezys

    yeezy-compKanye makes news just for being Kanye. He’s one of the biggest superstars on this planet because he is absolutely ridiculous just the way he is. People love his wife, his antics, his lyrics, and definitely his sneakers. Unfortunately for most of Kanye’s fans, his Adidas and Nike brand sneakers retail for hundreds of dollars in-store before selling out within days of their initial release. As always, once a sneaker becomes a collector’s item, the resale price exponentially increases. Sole Collector estimates a pair of Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost in “Turtledove” originally bought at $200 now sells for an average of $1,898! But why spend thousands of dollars and hours of your precious time hunting down the collectible Yeezy Boost sneakers, when you could get the Relax-2 Black White Sole Comfort Sneakers for only $25.95? It’s much simpler than scrounging eBay or finding a private collector, and while you sacrifice the brand name, you definitely don’t sacrifice on comfort or style and you get the designer look for less.

  4. Valentino Rockstud Pumps

    valentino-compThe fashion powerhouse that is Valentino arguably invented the trend of rockstuds in 2010 when they released their signature collection of rockstud purses, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Since then, the popularity of this style of shoe has exploded, especially because the relatively short height of the best-selling pump made fashion a lot more comfortable for today’s women. Unfortunately, signature Valentino Rockstud Ankle-Strap Pumps can cost nearly $1000 – a little bit out of my price range, at least. That’s why I am so excited to have found the Vicky-1 Beige Studded T-Strap Ankle Strap Pumps, which has both the style of rockstuds and much better ankle support for only $35.95.

  5. Steve Madden Boots

    I have long been a fan of Steve Madden. They’re my go-to brand for comfortable boots, and usually they’re good quality, but which brand I buy always depends on my funds that particular month. When I’m looking for a legitimately comparable product to Steve Madden – but at a better price – I always head straight to Traffic Shoe. The Elva-23 Black Faux Leather Quilted Calf Length Boots look JUST like the Steve Madden Northpol rubber boots… but feel so much better because of the material and the fact that you aren’t spending $80. I personally hate rubber boots unless it’s raining, which makes Traffic Shoe’s faux leather version a perfect alternative, for me at least.

Traffic Shoe is an excellent manufacturer of high-quality, “Are those designer?” lookalikes to help everyone find their perfect shoe at a perfect price. And with regular site-wide sales, sometimes you can save even more on your favorite styles! Be sure to check out the discounts this month over at!


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