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Trend Alert: Must Have Footwear For The Fall – Booties!


Trying to predict what will become popular in the world of fashion is a notoriously tricky business. But, if there is one thing that you can count on as we near the end of summer and enter the cooler autumn months, it is that ankle boots and booties will once again be seen on the feet of the trendsetters whose style we all love to try to recreate.

Consequently, designers are taking action. Which is why a lot of brands have recently released new designs for ankle boots and booties, which we can all covet. However, many of the world’s most well-known designers are releasing these popular products at a premium price. And, although these designers do make amazing shoes, they are no match for the booties that we have in stock, because of our unbelievable prices.

Ankle boots and booties are increasingly becoming more of a staple in the fashion world. That’s because, generally, ankle boots and booties are practical to wear in a wide range of social situations. Currently, the most popular way to wear them is with tights or leggings and a nice sweater dress or hoodie dress. However, they can be worn in a more professional or serious setting with a pair of wide leg pants or cute skinny jeans. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three specific pairs of booties available at, that we believe will satisfy your need to keep up with the must-have trend of the season.


traffic-shoe-camila-tan-bootiesPrice: $30.00

These trend-setting booties have been hitting the markets with a boom. This sophisticated pair of booties has a nice gold zipper on the side, with a vegan leatherette outside to provide a nice touch. 


traffic-shoe-romie-tribal-black-bootiesPrice: $35.95

This pair of chunky heel booties, featuring an attractive tribal print, will have people’s heads turning everywhere you decide to go. Don’t be late to the chase with this gorgeous pair of booties, because they will fly off our shelves with the quickness.


traffic-shoe-kobe-wine-red-bootiesPrice: $39.95

These unique booties are much different than any other bootie around, with its unique shape at the front. This popular shoe is sure to have you stand out from the crowd by capturing everyone’s attention when you walk by.

Whether you like it or not these two shoe types, ankle boots and booties, have been sold out everywhere. The time to jump on purchasing a great looking pair of booties is now, because availability will be very scarce as we approach winter and demand is increased.

Hip and trendy booties have been catching the eyes of the fashionable in well-known sartorial locations, like the greater Miami area and beyond. We are sure that they will soon become all the rage in the world of fashion, once again. Therefore, the next time you head out shopping, or go to work, or hit the town with your gal pals – having a pair of these popular pair of booties handy is a definite must for you. Furthermore, if you feel that neither of these three pairs of booties are exactly right for you, you can check out our full collection of booties, here.


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