Five Shades Of Summer


We are officially in the thick of the summer season. Can you feel it? It’s that time of year when just a simple glance outside can put a huge smile on your face. Because, during the summer, you aren’t limited to having a mere eight hours of sunshine to enjoy each day. The days are longer, plus the endless heat generates restless spirits – which creates the perfect environment to produce boundless opportunities for adventure.

We take summer seriously here at Traffic Shoe. We assume that you do, too. That’s why, when summer rolls around, we make sure that we are stocked up on all of our latest and greatest gear – particularly our stylish shades. We know that you are going to be spending a lot of your time outdoors, from spur-of-the-moment road trips to all-day beach sessions and much more. Therefore, you should have a collection of stylish shades that will be able to keep up with you and that you won’t be afraid to destroy. Because, with all of the fun and exciting things that you’ll be doing this summer, it’s inevitable that you’ll destroy some shades.

With this in mind, and in response to recently launching our ultra-affordable line of sunglasses – we have selected five pairs of our amazing shades that we feel will be the perfect wardrobe accessories for you to enjoy this summer to the fullest.


over-sized-cat-eye-full-rim-lens-sunglasses-3105-brown-trafficshoe1. On road trips. Not only will you look stylish in the passenger seat or behind the wheel, you will also increase your level of personal safety. Did you know that when sunlight reflects on water or other similar surfaces, it could reduce your ability to see for up to 5 seconds, according to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration? Any protection will help, including our over sized cat eye frames.

bold-rectangle-top-gold-bar-sunglasses-2521-black-navy-traffichoe2. While camping. If you plan to be out in the backcountry at all this summer, you are definitely going to need proper protection for your eyes – to protect both from the sun and from the elements. Our horned rim glasses are a great blend of fashion and function.

cool-top-bar-aviator-lens-sunglasses-2504-black-traffichsoe3. At the beach. You can’t really have a proper beach day without a reliable pair of shades. These modern aviators are the perfect choice if you want style and comfort while you exercise on the beach, splash in the water, or play sports on the sand.

classic-round-thin-trim-sunglasses-2522-yellow-trafficshoe4. For lounging poolside. Our classic round model is stylish and extremely functional, with whisker thin frames that wrap around big lenses. These shades are designed to be strong enough to stand up to heavy activity and they’re proven to be able to take a beating.

flat-top-vintage-aviator-hipster-sungalsses-3135-clear-silver-trafficshoe5. To a wedding. The summer season allows soon-to-be newlyweds to choose from a wide range of venues. Don’t be surprised if you’re invited to a wedding on the beach, in a backyard, or even a rooftop bar! With this diversity of venue options, you should select a pair of go-to sunglasses for any formal occasion in the summer.


If summer is the time when you wake up dreaming of spending every second outdoors, you definitely need to stock up on some stylish sunglasses. Check out the extensive collection of shades that we have available at Traffic Shoe that is sure to include a style that’s perfect for you. We think you’ll like what you see!

So, grab a few pairs of shades and head out on one of these classic adventures. Bring on the summer!


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