Meet the Gladiators


The Gladiator Sandal has been in style since 246 B.C. This shoe style has gone from B.C. goddess chic to the Kardashian’s feet. Women who wear these shoes embody the warrior like characteristics. Thankfully, modern fashion has given these rustic sandals a make over with suede and softer leathers being used in it’s production.

We want you to meet our newest collection “The Gladiators”. These shoes, like sisters, are different. Check out all our new arrivals here.



IMPRESS-8-BLACK-NUB-102Black Lace Up Gladiator


Sara is one the most approachable gladiators. She’s trendy, but not too trendy. Everyone know’s Sara for saying it how it is and for enjoying the grander things in life. Once in an interview Sara said “I like tassels on in all my fashion accessories.” These black gladiators are the perfect match for a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans and a long day on your feet!



ATTA-13-BEIGE-101Tan Knee High Fringe Flats

Savannah is the tallest of the Gladiator’s and features buckles that run all the way up the side, perfect for showing off her amazing legs! She’s sweet at first glance, but is a powerful entrepreneur that is always working on her next project. The fringed accents are great for a relaxed bohemian look!




STYLE-27-GOLD-102Gladiator Ankle Flats

Sydney is quieter- or less loud- than the other gladiator’s. She enjoys being fashionable, but doesn’t like to giving up her comfort for it. Between her photo shoots she likes to keep her looks neutral. That’s why she can’t resist these gladiator ankle flats.



SAVANNAH-3-TAN-101Gladiator Buckle Detail


Meet the sparkliest and sassiest of all the gladiators, Simone! Simone is known for being uber trendy and is always willing to take a fashion risk. This gladiator combines the gladiator style with the traditional Birkenstock. You can catch Simone uploading pictures using #TSXOXO.


FRONTIER-9-SAND-SUEDE-101Gladiator Tie Up Knee High Heels

Meet the queen of the Gladiator castle, Sam. Sam, short for Samantha, never leaves the house without a full face of makeup or heels. She likes solid colored clothing and statement heels like these Gladiator knee high heels.


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