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Day in my Dreams


The kind of blogger we love at Traffic Shoe is a  person who does more than just drink lattes and pose in good lighting. Meet the face behind Day in my Dreams Blog Kristina, a visual marketing manager from LaCrosse, WI living in Virginia.

Kristina is shown rocking her TS heel ankle booties or “shooties” as she refers to them. She is a huge fan of our buy one get one $1 and reminds us: “Money doesn’t grow on trees. Trust me, I’ve tried. Those damn quarters are still buried in my backyard somewhere.” The fabulous ensemble features a knit skirt (SO HOT THIS SEASON), a Louis Vuitton scarf, and silver accessories; all coming together to form a casual, yet elegant look. We think she does a stellar job of combining high luxury items with affordable shoes and accessories.


The Day in my Dreams blog takes you through an aesthetic wonderland aka Kristina’s life. We love how this blog focuses on the important stuff. It’s not about the trip to the coffee shop, it’s about enjoying the weather and fresh air. Kristina takes readers on road trips and reminds us that black clothes and dog hair are not friends. All the while, serving fresh fashion advice that is sure to satisfy the minimalist in any reader. She’s aware of trends and attests to taking advantage of Traffic Shoe’s buy one get one for a $1 deal.


The lace up bootie has been emerging on the runways of Gianbattista Vali and Ann Demeulemeester. These collections incorporate the heels into evening cocktail attire, but we think the item is so much more versatile! Rest assured that Traffic Shoes is getting you this season’s hottest booties for a fraction of the cost of designer wear.


image courtesy of the Zoe Report

Her Traffic Shoe selection (the Carrie Bootie) is a staple black lace up heel for any shoe closet in 2016. The open toe design assures that you will be comfortable. The heel will dress up any outfit and can easily be used for daytime and nighttime outfits. On this occasion, Kristina was traveling back home for the holidays with her two monstrous dogs. We’d like to imagine Kristina getting to a rest stop off the interstate and stepping out of her car, black heels first, with the perfect synchronization of a breeze and her two monstrous dogs stepping out behind her. Bet THAT was a head turner!


All in all, this fashionista proves that you don’t have to pay couture prices to wear this season’s fashion trends. We like Kristina’s crafty methodology of splurging or stealing:


Word of advice for when to splurge or steal: for timeless pieces (scarves, knits, quality basics, etc) go big or go home. They’ll be in your closet for years to come, so make the investment. For this season’s “it” trends (let’s be real, there are going to be a lot of them) take advantage of the steal to get in on what’s going on, without breaking the bank.


shop the look HERE 



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