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Happy Thursday Shoe Lovers! 2016 may be the year of the monkey, but for us every year is the year of shoes. Your zodiac sign says a lot about your personality and style, check out our suggestions for the perfect new pair of Traffic Shoes for you this year!



Characteristics: Indecisive, sophisticated, inquisitive.

Celebrity Gemini’s: Iggy Azalea, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Upton


Gemini’s are known for being sophisticated, yet indecisive. We recommend the Veni by 5, a hybrid heel that features a white and black houndstooth print on a pointed pump design. As Gemini’s embark on a new year they should embody their trivial characteristics with Traffic Shoe’s half and half pump. In fashion being indecisive is better known as being eclectic. Break the norm this year and create ensembles that demonstrate your personality!



Characteristics: Serious, humanitarian, and insightful.

Celebrity Aquarius’s: Shakira, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jennifer Aniston

An Aquarius knows how to put her foot down on what she wants. For 2016, it’s all about lug sole boots! These Lug Sole Ankle Booties represent Aquarius’ tendencies to be serious and insightful. The thick lug sole offers a secure grip that’s sure to get you through snow, rain, and the dance floor with ease. Your horoscope sign is also known for being knowledgeable. Make the smart choice and take advantage of Traffic Shoe’s year round Buy One Get One for a Dollar deal!



Characteristics: compassionate, adaptable.

Pisces are known as being compassionate and adaptable. We think these black cut out oxford flats suit our pisces shoppers well. These flats will be perfect for when winter turns to spring. Get your pair today!



Characteristics: Effective, demanding, and ambitious.

Celebrity Aries: Emma Watson, Jessie J, Kristen Stewart.

Aries are characterized as effective, demanding, and ambitious individuals. Direct these characteristics towards a goal and your 2016 is sure to be a year of success. The Elyse pumps, in an illustrious dark blue, are sure to keep you on track in this New Year and feature a one of the most comfortable ‘4 inch pumps on the market. All you ambitious Aries’s will love the versatility these shoes offer. Day to night transitions are easy with this staple closet piece. Throw them on with some dark denim and serve yourself some fashion justice this year!



Characteristics: Subtle, Appreciative, enjoy security.

Celebrity Taurus’s: Adele, Gigi Hadid, Robert Pattinson.

Taurus’ boast subtle personalities and enjoy security in their lives. Traffic Shoe’s solution for any Taurus is the Buckle Ankle Bootie! These are the type of shoes that make you powerful when worn, without making a loud and flashy statement. We understand that Taurus’ like to stay under boys peoples radars and that’s why we’ve given you this black bootie!



Characteristics: Brave, Purposeful, Assertive.

Celebrity Scorpio’s: Katy Perry, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kendall Jenner.

What do Kendall Jenner, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Katy Perry have in common? They’re all Scorpio’s! The Traffic Shoe Knee High Boots are styles we’ve imagined Kendall wearing on her way to dinner or on stage during a Katy Perry concert. We highly recommend wearing these boots and while listening to These Boots are Made for Walking.”



Characteristics: Balance, partnership, artistic.

Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Zac Effron

All you fall babies, also known as Libra’s, are known for appreciating partnership and art. How about starting a new partnership with our fuschia pumps! Take some tips from Kim Kardashian by adding a burst of color to your outfits. The best part about these pointed pumps? They’re made of a resilient material that makes dirt scuffs a problem of the past. Start the new year with a new partnership…with TRAFFIC SHOE!



Characteristics: Faithful, dominant, aspirational, ruling to be a star.

Celebrity Leo’s: Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lawrence

The mighty Leo tends to like to stick out of the crowd. Take JLo and Demi Lovato for example, both of these ladies tackle girl power from astoundingly different angles whilst always demanding respect! All you Leo’s out there deserve to start the New Year with a pair of Artena tassel booties! The lightweight design transition into the warmer months easy. Dominate the new year with Traffic Shoe’s Buy One Get One For a Dollar deal!



characterisitcs: determined

Celebrity Capricorn’s: Zayn Malik, Meghan Trainor, Ellie Goulding

Capricorn’s are known for being very determined. They like to set their eyes on the prize and are true go -getters.  We think these booties can help catapult you into the new year with the right attitude. Enjoy a comfortable heel with fashionable fringe accents!



Characteristics: Confident, creative

Celebrity Virgo’s: Beyonce, Liam Payne, Pink

Virgo’s looking to slip a new pair of shoes on in 2016 are destined for our red pointed high heel pumps! These pumps are sure to bring out your confident and creative side. Have an important meeting or interview coming up? You’ll, without a doubt, want to look and feel your best. Let Traffic Shoe help you!



Characteristics: Compassionate and romantic

Celebrity Cancer’s: Selena Gomez, Jaden Smith, Khloe Kardashian
Attention all romantic Cancer’s out there: ankle tassels are the way to go in 2016. Taking into consideration the characteristics of compassion and romance led us to choosing the open toe fringe Hilda’s. Set your goals for 2016 and walk into them with vigor with these sassy heels.



Characteristics: Seeking high, independent, optimistic.

Celebrity Sagittarius’s: Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus.

Happy belated to all our Sagittarius Traffic Shoe fans! We hope you celebrated your birthday in style. We know you like to reach high, why not stand high while you’re at it? Our Peggy Lug Sole Platforms are your answer to inspiration in 2016. Imagine walking around in these babies and working your inner Nicki Minaj. (Yep, we’re thinking what you’re thinking.)


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