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Get NYE Ready With Our Party Pumps

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The Hilda Pumps in Beige – You’re hosting the perfect New Year’s Eve party for few of your friends. Being the quintessential girly girl that you are, you’ve spent 30 minutes contouring and 45 minutes picking out an outfit. Though you’ll be champagne poppin’, you’ve perfected the refined buzzed look; because you did not just spend all that time getting ready to just to mess it up before the ball drops. Walking the fine line between Sex & the City Charlotte and Scream Queen Chanel, your evening will be classy and elegant with all debauchery happening behind closed doors after the ball drops. Wearing our Hilda Pumps to match, your feet will feel as classic as you do!

The Beronica in Houndstooth You go seamlessly from the boardroom to the all night party and need a shoe that can keep up with all of your movement. Your pointed toe says boss lady in charge but your  houndstooth pattern says this girl likes to have fun like Cyndi Lauper. Perfect for this conservative office party, our Beronica Houndstooth pattern will be turning heads all night long, just like you. Sophisticated with just the right amount of edge, your shoe-self is ready for New Year’s Eve. Be prepared to answer shoe-related questions all night long.


The Starburst in NudeThe life of the party, you always hear the same question. “How do you walk in those shoes?” Tonight, you’ll be walking, dancing, and partying the night away in a pair of pumps that will not only send the men your way but also the curious shoe-loving women. You’ll have the perfect view of the party in these sky high heels and like every year, you won’t just be there when the ball drops; you’ll see the sunrise too. You don’t seek the spotlight, but it still finds you. What better night to have the lights on you other than a refreshing night like New Year’s eve.

The Selina in Black It’s here, the perfect women’s shoe. The little black pumps to match your little black dress, these women’s shoes have everything. Humbly boasting a rounded toe, matte black, and a modest heel, these shoes are as loud as you are, which is not at all. Wearing your perfect high bun and pearls, New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you stop being a sensible woman. Good food and better wine, your bedtime tonight is 12:30 and your date is perfect as usual. Ryan Seacrest knows just what you like. You’ve been told you’re a complicated woman, but years of experience have taught you what that really means. You have many layers and notes, like a fine wine.


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