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Trend Alert: Cold Weather Looks


Fringe Ankle Boot – Get Sassy and Stay Sassy!

It’s no coincidence that Fall and fringe start with the same letter. Bring your sass forward by adding a cute jean romper. We recommend a lighter wash – it’s nostalgic to summer and adds life to your ensemble. If it’s really cold where you live, then adding a thick infinity scarf will do you some good! If your fall is warmer you can accentuate your neck with gold and turquoise. Hanging earrings are a must and go well with the flirty fringe theme.



Find Your Inner Boho Chic this Fall with Western Low Heel High Boots

Let your boho chic out with our Western High boots! Nothing screams fall more than a fedora and a warm tone maxi dress. Explore your girly side without showing too much skin or wearing something that’s tight. These boots are great for day to night outfits and feature a low heel that keeps a smile on your face. Feel like this look isn’t for you? Blast some Florence + the Machine and reconsider.



Black Boots – They go with Everything!

Nothing ruins an ice princesses’ day faster than slipping on ice. After last years merciless fall and winter Traffic Shoe wants to make sure you’re prepared.  These black combat boots will keep your toes warm while providing a firm grip on wet and icy surfaces. A pair black tights and a woven poncho take the look to the next level. Keep your feet warm this fall!



50 Shades of Nude with an Open Toe Strappy Heel

Elegance is rooted in simplicity. If you’re looking to try something new this Fall you should 50 shades of nude. What’s awesome about this natural palette is that it allows you to mix and match just about ANY shades. Every ensemble with these Benicio heels is rooted in elegance. What goes on above it as completely up to you. The great thing about fall is that your warm layers reveal a completely different look under them. Have fun with textures and knits, all brought together with Traffic Shoe’s classic nude heel.



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