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Current Muses: We the Birds


Bloggers are life curators. Their lives are captured through camera lenses and broadcasted to the world wide web. This week our muse award goes to We the Birds: two sisters who living in Dallas, Texas. Sarah and Natalie have mastered the art of minimalist chic.

we_the_birds_TrafficShoe_boot_3.1 we_the_birds_TrafficShoe_boot_3.2 we_the_birds_TrafficShoe_boot_2.5 we_the_birds_TrafficShoe_boot_2.4

Traffic Shoes is passionate about providing fashion forward women with affordable shoe solutions. We also take pride in featuring women who make a conscious effort to make the world a better place. Sarah describes herself as an idealist, a see-gooder, and a shopping addict. Natalie describes herself as a do-gooder, an optimist, and a saving addict.

These women align with Traffic Shoe’s methodology. They nearly knocked our socks off with their looks featuring the Elvy lug-sole booties in black. Gold accents stand this shoe out from the crowd. Above all- no pun intended to the 3.5-inch heels- the heels are comfortable and have a rubber lug sole that makes looking good while walking in the icy winter an achievable task.  

Whether you relate to Sarah’s shopping addiction or Natalie’s addiction with saving, Traffic Shoe is your one stop shop for this seasons trendiest booties and shoes. As long as the sun is shining and the world is spinning our shoes will be buy one get one for a dollar. Get chirping as We the Birds say and shop the look at!


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