Traffic Shoe: The Millennials

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The word “millennial” has grown to as popular as the terms “hippie” and “rocker”. Millennials are the generation that grew up with Hocus Pocus, Jelly Sandals, and Clarissa explains it all. They love texting, online shopping (at Traffic Shoe of course), and selfies. Traffic Shoe is a Millennial shoe lovers life saver. All of our shoes are buy one get one for a dollar and we offer free shipping when you spend $35 or more!milli 3


Know that girl that is leaving to the peace corps to help those in need? She shops at Traffic Shoe! This minimalistic girl oozes in natural beauty and loves reapplying her Burts Bees lip balm. Seeing the world through her John Lennon glasses is exciting and we wish she used her Instagram more! #noservice

milli 2

What about that girlfriend who’s the social media QUEEN of your friend group? She shops at Traffic Shoe! She’s retweeting, reblogging, and sharing this post AS WE SPEAK (so should you, kthx). She’s so fast it’s scary. Her purple lip accentuates her dark clothing. Her Traffic Shoe platform leather lug soles keep her away from being basic! #follow4follow

milli 1Remember that girl who’s instagram is filled with pics of her wearing cute brown boots all over Europe? She shops at Traffic Shoe. Her jeans always fit her just right and her scarf collection has you drooling. Check out cute brown boots here!  No matter which Millennial girl you are Traffic Shoes has all of your affordable shoe solutions. Check out this week’s bestsellers HERE.


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