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Past Curfew


Think of those nights that went on a little longer than you expected them to. Those nights when you and your girlfriends locked eyes and gave each other the look. These are the moments that fill our time capsules with happiness and a certain sense of accomplishment. Our latest collection of heels, pumps, and booties are sure to adorn your stems as you head out for a night on the town. In the words of Demi Lovato “don’t tell your mother” that you were out past curfew, but do tell her about Traffic Shoe’s buy one get one for $1 special!


Black Pump

curfew 1

A sexy black pump is ESSENTIAL to any shoe collection. Think of black pumps as the pearl necklaces of jewelry and the little black dress of clothes. These pumps are versatile in that you can dress them up or down. More important, they’re comfortable! Try toning down your busy outfits (patterns/shapes/color blocked) with a simple solid colored shoe like these.


Tan Chunky Platform

curf 2

Nothing screams feminine and sexy more than curled hair, a pair of fitted jeans, and Traffic Shoe’s chunky tan platforms! There is SO MUCH FUN to be had in these babies. What makes these shoes a great investment is that you can use them during the AM & the PM. The ankle strap make for an extra comfortable fit that will hold your ankles in safely while you whip your hair back and forth. You go Glen Coco.


Black Lug Sole Booties

black lug sole

Interested in trying the true rebel look? It’s all about the lug, bout the lug, lug booties. Since the shoe has a heavy look (they’re actually really light in weight) try going with clothes that give a slimming and clean look. We recommend a below the knee bodycon dress with a smokey eye to complete the look!

Take advantage of Traffic Shoe’s buy one get one $1 now and we now offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

*Traffic Shoe does not support staying out past curfew


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