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Halloween’s Finishing Touches: Affordable Shoes

Halloween 1

Trick or treat, trick or treat, we have affordable prices you can’t beat.

That time of year is here where to dress up  your alter ego/super self/ or if you forget to plan…a cute kitty cat (meow).

When it comes to Halloween costumes there is such a thing as planning too late. With traffic shoe’s affordable shoes you don’t have to wait til your next paycheck to get the perfect shoes for your costume. We hope our collection of fashion forward shoes will be the roots to your epic costume!

Take some our staff’s advice before you end up asking your friend to borrow a top:

Girl Power Squad

A well choreographed entourage is by far one of the best ways to dominate a Halloween party. Our suggestion: start a group chat with 3-4 of your closest girlfriends and coordinate a Taylor Swift Bad Blood squad (HEY!)

Halloween 1

halloween 2

Leader of the group text/pack should wear these

Sexy Grunge

Let’s not beat around the bush and talk about how fun it is to be sexy on Halloween. Take your sexy costume to the next level with some statement grunge heels.

halloween 3


black lug sole



Comfy Grunge

You don’t have to be showing a lot of skin to win “best costume” at your office party. Take Angry Ashley Spinelli from the 90’s cartoon Recess. She’s sassy, confident, and knows how to run a crowd.

hallowwen 5

Channel your Angry Ashley in these babies

halloween 5

Get in Character

Do you dream of being an actress in a play or movie? Halloween is your chance to prove- to yourself- how well you can adapt a character’s personality IRL (in real life). These types of costumes take a bit more dedication, but when done right will be unforgettable!

Muse alert: Cruella De Vil

halloween 6

Our Solution: Houndstooth Pumps

halloween 7

Beauty Queen Status

After watching Honey Boo Boo and Toddler and Tiara’s re-runs it’s only natural to imagine yourself as a pageant queen. We recommend walking around and only saying “world peace” and “does that come with glitter?” all night. If you really want to shine try hiding a glitter pouch in your costume and go around sprinkling/blessing people with glitter.

Fergie halloween pageant queen

courtesy of Elle


Go insane, throw some GLITTER, make it rain on ’em
halloween 9

Native American Princess

Double dip on this season’s fringe trend and get yourself in some cute and comfortable boots!

courtesy of shop costumes

courtesy of shop costumes

Shop Fringe Fab



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