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Trending Fall Shoes: Celebrity Edition

Jodi Gordson 1

Jodi Gordon is an Australian actress and supermodel known the world over for her fancy footwear and impeccable all around swag. She’s famous for modeling swimwear and lingerie, but has recently gained press for her foot fashion. There are paparazzi who follow her around for the sole purpose- pun intended- of taking candids of her heels, pumps, and booties.

Learn from Jodi how to dress your feet for gala events or charity ball. With the help of Traffic Shoe you can afford Jodi’s neck turning looks. We are proud to declare that one of the fall shoes trends is buckled ankle strap heels (featured above) . Oh yeah, when you buy any woman’s shoe from us, your second pair costs only $1.

Ankle Strap Heels

Red Buckled Ankle Strap Heels 

Gigi Hadid Sneakers

If comfort is your thing then Traffic Shoe has you covered too! The sneaker has come a long way from it’s origins in sports and has become a staple in street style. Pictured above is Gigi Hadid’s post-MET Gala look. Notice how the sneakers do not take away from the accented luxurious coat. The best part of sneakers is that they’re versatile. Aka, don’t be scared to take your fabulous kicks for a run after the Met Gala Gigi!

Lace up sneakers black Stella Lace Up Sneakers 


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