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Be the “IT” Girl on Campus

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This message is for all our scholastic ladies out there. We hope that after two weeks you’ve gotten a hold on your new schedules, classes, and scoped out the “IT” girls on campus.

What’s an “IT” girl? It’s a girl that looks effortlessly fabulous and dominates a room. Want to know a secret? It all lies in the SHOES. Nothing makes a clean white tee and ripped jeans look better than a fresh pair of sandals or booties. After all, we know what your mornings are like. You were probably up late last night color coordinating your syllabi or at ladies night dancing to Lean On. Point is, you don’t have all the time world to get ready in the morning; let your shoes show your “IT” girl status.

Well known Miami blogger Ria Michelle has been seen rocking the contemporary white leather sandal look. Don’t miss our classic cheap gladiator sandals too!

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Taking a business course this semester? Don’t be shy to bring a little fringe and heel to the game. Hesitant? Take a look at how Miami blogger The Fashion Poet is fringing her way to “IT” girl status. Traffic shoes’ Hilda is a great cheap fringe heel alternative.

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Remember being fashionable doesn’t mean spending all your textbook money. Traffic shoes has you covered with tons of styles and enough color options to satisfy Jeremy Scott. Remember the way you look on the outside is a representation of the way you look on the inside! It’s important you look presentable and professional in today’s ever competitive collegiate world. Let traffic shoes be your shoe confidant this fall semester!


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