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Buying Online Shoes

Buying Online Shoes

Buying Online Shoes

My size varies depending on which type of shoe I’m wearing. Add the fact that my left foot is a bit smaller than my right, and you can imagine the fun I have shopping – and that’s just in the store! Online shopping is a whole other ball game. I refuse to miss out on all the gorgeous shoes I see perusing the sites, like at , so I’ve mapped out a system to make the click-and-buy process as smooth as possible.
The hardest shoe to buy online is, of course, a heel or platform. I’ve found it’s best to stick with the one that’s always worked for you. Once you’ve got the fit down, though, you also have to worry about comfort. The thicker the heel, the better, and I won’t buy them with more than a 3.5″ pitch. If the heel is 5″, for example, then the platform should be at least 1.5″ for the shoe to be functional. For pitches higher than 3″, I like slingbacks or something with an ankle strap (or as I like to call it, a seat belt for your feet). And don’t worry if you have thicker ankles – straps are surprisingly flattering and slimming!
Here are some great choices to buy online:

Nelly-49 Black Floral Mary Jane Platform High Heel –  These floral Mary Jane’s are the chicest platforms! You just can’t miss them out! 


Desire-32 Tan Canvas Loafer –  These are my go-tos for traveling and I just love them!

Judy-21 Nude Platform Peep Toe Pump – What’s more flattering than a pair of nude pumps?


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