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Look on bad mood


Look Externo

Been a Fashionista and all, we girls have those days when no matter what we do; we feel ugly. Girls, you know what I’m talking about; every single piece of clothing we own it’s against our body, our hair seems to have a life on its own in a dimension where frizz a la Edward Scissor Hands its ON, and we even come to think that every single person on the street looks at us like we are circus freaks. I think our external look should reflect the inner art that our feelings are, but, how to make ourselves look good on those days where our inner world it’s a dramatic play by Shakespeare where the father, the mother, the kid and even the dog die hit by an ice cream truck? All right, I doubt they had ice cream trucks on XVI century but you get the idea. Dramatic plays have their unique beauty and that’s what we should try to do on those days; enhance and décor our inner drama. Whenever I don’t feel pretty, I decide to dress myself like I don’t care about the world at all, what I’m saying is: be a REBEL. If my hair decides to look like a walking electricity experiment I decide to wear waves and not to care about brushing my hair during the day. My outfit would be something that resembles 80s rock bands like Skid Row; tight black leggins with white crosses, a comfortable blouse and high heels. Last accessory of all: your attitude! If the world inclines the balance towards the bad stuff then; be a bad girl! There is no problem that cant be solved with a little bit of creativity, all we have to remember girls is to be faithful to ourselves and not going against our inner world, remember; fashion it’s not something you wear, it’s something you ARE!


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